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Irate driver goes on wild rampage at Union City Walmart parking lot

Update: After various tips, police officials were able to arrest 23-year-old Jessica Malicoat at her home in Hayward just days after she allegedly intentionally struck Union City Walmart customers with her vehicle in the parking lot.

Original Story: A manhunt is underway for a female driver who allegedly went on a wild rampage at a Union City Walmart parking lot, according to CBS Bay Area, which was all caught on camera.

The Union City Police Department stated that around 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 19, an unidentified woman, wearing a Batman logo on her gray sweatshirt, entered a Walmart store in Union City, California to return batteries. When the store employee denied her request for a refund, the suspect became irate and stormed out of the store.

When she returned to her vehicle—a 1998 or a 2000 Honda Accord—the woman was captured on camera backing up quickly into a family of five, knocking over a 3-year-old girl amid the wild Walmart parking lot rampage.

“The victims were actually saying that she was yelling and screaming in the car, pounding her fists on the steering wheel,” says Sgt. Steven Mendez with the Union City Police.

“Thankfully, mom had the presence of mind to reach down and pick up her daughter. Because as soon as she was able to pick her up, the female gunned it again and backed up in that direction. Had the child been there, she probably would have been hit by the car.”

Emergency medical services were called and treated the victims at the scene. Everyone is expected to be okay.

Although there are several cameras surrounding Union City Walmart parking lot, police officials say they were unable to capture the suspect’s license plate.

Union City police are now searching for the suspect who they say “may not even be old enough to drive.”

According to the Union City police, “the message we’re trying to get out is, help us get this person off the streets. Because she can be a menace if she’s going to be acting this way.”


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