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‘Joker’ lookalike accused of pointing gun at passing vehicles

A Joker lookalike was arrested in southwest Miami-Dade on Tuesday, and he is now facing charges of carrying a concealed weapon, according to CBS Miami. Just before 6:30 p.m., Broward County police officials received several calls about a man, clad as the Joker who was allegedly pointing a “loaded gun” at passing vehicles in the area of SW 104th Street and Hammocks Boulevard.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they discovered 29-year-old Lawrence Sullivan, who fit the description, walking out of a gas station, which was adjacent to Hammocks Place Apartments in West Kendall.

Sullivan was questioned before he was asked to place his hands on the police cruiser for a pat-down. The Joker lookalike was arrested after police officials ascertained a Smith & Weston.380 with “six live rounds” in his pocket.

Relatives say he has “never done something like this before and his mother does not believe he would have threatened anyone with a gun,” adding that he recently got those tattoos to express his artistic side.

“He’s a good kid, you know. He has a lot of tattoos. But he’s a nice kid with some problems,” said his mother Roxanna Sullivan. “He is mentally disabled and is handicapped.”

His sister, Monica Sullivan, said: “He’s a very good-hearted person. He doesn’t look for any problems. They misjudged him by the way he looks. It’s not right.”

Sullivan remains at the Turner Guilford Knight correctional center with a set bond of $5,000, but his sister contrives to post bail for the Joker lookalike.


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