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Louisiana boy, 7, critically injured after being shot inside elementary school classroom

Authorities in Louisiana say a 7-year-old boy was accidentally shot inside a classroom when a gun went off after falling out of another student’s backpack. KPLTV reports that around 7:50 a.m. on Monday, May 15, deputies with Calcasieu Parish Police Department received a 911 call about a shooting at Moss Bluff Elementary, located at 215 School Street in Moss Bluff.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso stated that a student brought a gun to the elementary school and concealed it in his backpack. During class, the gun seemingly fell out and landed on the floor—that’s when another student, a first-grader, picked up the gun.

The gun accidentally went off and shot Gage Meche in the abdomen. He was subsequently rushed to Lafayette General Hospital with serious injuries. After undergoing surgery, he was transferred to a Pediatric ICU, where he is being monitored.

Mancuso specified that the student who brought the gun to Moss Bluff Elementary and the first-grader, who picked up the gun, will not face any criminal charges as a result of their age. Once an investigation is complete, the District Attorney’s Office will determine if the parents of the student, who brought the gun to school, will be charged.

Mancuso released the following statement:

“I’m a pro-gun advocate, and I believe in the second amendment that allows us to possess and carry firearms, however, I also believe that it is our responsibility as gun owners to keep our guns locked and out of the reach of children.”

“In addition, talking to our children about the dangers of guns can help them know how to react if they encounter a gun at school or even at a friend’s house.”

Notifications were sent out to parents, informing them that no other students were injured during the shooting at Moss Bluff Elementary. The Calcasieu Parish Superintendent, Karl Bruchhaus, stated that the next step is to get the students back to normalcy, although most students were unaware of the shooting.

Second-graders were scheduled to go on a field trip the following day, and Bruchhaus stated that it would not be canceled. He said, “We’re going to move forward with that field day because those children need to get back to a regular school environment.”

Relatives say that the Moss Bluff Elementary student is now listed in stable condition. The surgery appeared to have been a success as Gage is “alert and awake.” After doctors successfully removed the bullet from his abdomen, he may get to recuperate at home this weekend.

If anyone wishes to help the family with Gage’s medical expenses, you can donate at “Jeff Davis Bank to the account labeled “MBE First Grade Student.”

An investigation continues.

[Featured Image by Gage’s Road to Recovery/Facebook]


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