Newborn baby found dead inside Walmart bag under porch of Pennsylvania home—Mom charged

Pennsylvania mother arrested
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A newborn baby was found dead inside a Walmart bag that was placed underneath a porch at a home in Pennsylvania, according to Fox News. The child’s mother, Brittany Robinson, 23, was arrested and charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, interfering with evidence, and hiding the death of a child from authorities.

Pennsylvania State Police states that while Robinson’s father was preparing to hang Christmas lights at his home on Ellwood Road in Shenango Township on Sunday around 3 p.m., he found the newborn baby boy in a crawl space underneath the porch. It was reported that the baby was wrapped in a t-shirt before being placed inside a Walmart bag.

The father—whose name has not been released—called 911.

Police officials say that they believe that the newborn baby was born alive and was hidden underneath a porch within 24 hours of being found.

“The baby was a viable seven-pound baby boy,” said Lt. Eric Hermick. “They’re still looking to determine if there was some exterior cause of death or the elements that killed the baby, but either way, the baby was born alive and cleaned up and then placed under there.”

Robinson was transported to UPMC Horizon Shenango Valley hospital in Farrell for treatment related to childbirth. After she was discharged early Monday morning, state troopers placed Robinson under arrest, and she was booked into the Lawrence County Jail.

The suspect lives at home with her father, two brothers, and another man, and they have all stated that they weren’t aware of her pregnancy because she kept it hidden, according to Hermick. Robinson is said to have an 8-year-old child, but she does not have custody.

The infant’s cause of death has yet to be determined, but an investigation is ongoing.

[Featured Image: Lawrence County Jail]

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