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Police: Man kills owner of Orlando tow truck company over $285 bill

Paul Gren, 53, the owner of a tow truck company in Orlando, Florida, was killed Tuesday night when an irate man allegedly opened fire after learning he owed $285 for his impounded car, according to Orlando Sentinel. Authorities say 35-year-old Tremain Polk arrived at Gren’s tow truck company at 639 W. Robinson St., in the Parramore neighborhood around 6 p.m. to pick up his vehicle. When a tow truck employee, Erica Hicks, told Polk that he owed $285, he became angry since he only had $135 on him.

The tow truck employee stated that Polk, who was released from prison in 2012, “tried to push his way into the back, but stopped when she threatened to call the police.”

Polk was later seen on surveillance footage jumping a chain-link fence just outside of the Orlando tow truck company’s edifice. He proceeded to bust the windows out of three cars before hopping into his vehicle and driving off, according to police.

The suspect didn’t make it far as he was unable to drive through the tow truck company’s “closed bay door.” Polk exited his vehicle and attempted to open the door, but he was confronted by Gren. Hicks told investigators that Polk had a gun, but he kept it by his side.

She went on to say that Polk started to walk away, taking “two steps inside the door, turned around toward Gren, took a gun from his waistband, and fired three shots at Gren from point-blank range.”

Although Polk was captured on surveillance footage destroying property and attempting to take his own vehicle, the Orlando tow truck shooting was not captured on camera.

Gren was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Polk fled after allegedly shooting the tow truck company owner, but he was apprehended a short time later. He is being held at the Orange County Jail on first-degree murder and robbery charges.


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