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Police search home on property where Abigail Williams and Liberty German were found dead – killer remains at large

A month after the bodies of two northern Indiana teen girls were found on a remote tract of land, authorities investigating the alleged murders have searched the home and property of a man who owns the land where their bodies were found, Chicago Tribune reports.

On Friday, March 17, investigators searched the home and 40-acre property of 77-year-old Ronald Logan, where the bodies of 14-year-old Liberty “Libby” German and 13-year-old Abigail “Abby” Williams were found.

Officials say the way the northern Indiana teen girls’ bodies were found led them to believe that they were murdered.

Although it is unclear what investigators were searching for at Logan’s home and property, Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby confirmed that he is not a suspect in the teens’ murder case.

In a statement, Logan’s attorney, Andrew A. Achey, stated that “Logan maintains his innocence, wasn’t involved in the killings and wants anyone with information in the girls’ deaths to give their tips to police.”

On February 13, Abby and Libby – who were the best of friends, as well as students at the Delphi Community Middle School – were dropped off at the Monon High Bridge, an abandoned bridge, to go hiking and they have never been seen alive again.

It was reported that during the hike, a photo of Abby walking alone on the tracks was posted on Libby’s Snapchat.

“She went hiking often,” said Libby’s grandfather Mike Patty. “We talked all the time about safety, it was something that I stressed, but I guess not enough.”

When the relative returned later that afternoon to pick up the Delphi girls, they were nowhere to be found.

The following day, the teens were found dead nearly 60-feet from a creek on Logan’s property.

The day after the Delphi teens was found dead, police released an image of an unidentified man, reportedly captured on Libby’s phone, walking along the trail system in Delphi, Indiana on February 13 is the main suspect in the teens’ murder case.

An audiotape was also released, which police officials say derived from Libby’s phone. The suspect can be heard saying, “Down the hill.”

The image and audio were released to the public in a bid to get justice for Abby and Libby. Since its release, investigators have received at least 13,000 tips and 300 people have been questioned but no one has been apprehended for the murder of the Delphi girls.

The suspect in the photo has yet to come forward, but according to Sgt. Tony Slocum, “that doesn’t make him a suspect by not contacting us. It’s the totality of the evidence we’ve been developing so far that leads us to that.”

Police officials have yet to divulge the girls’ cause of death.

During a press conference, Leazenby stated that “some of that information could be key in a prosecution, so I feel like that information at this current time needs to be protected so that we make sure the case is properly handled when the time comes for criminal prosecution.”

“It is disturbing. There is somebody out there that did do this crime and we’re going to track them down.”

State authorities urge anyone with information leading to an arrest or arrests to call 844-459-5786 or send an email to Abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com.

A reward of more than $230,000 is being offered.


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