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San Antonio woman accused of assaulting 11-year-old daughter over play dough

A woman in San Antonio, Texas has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her 11-year-old daughter over play dough, Fox San Antonio reports. An arrest document indicates that Graciela Bautista Munoz, 39, was making dinner at her home in the 8900 block of Mission Stream on July 3 when she noticed her daughter was using a bowl to make her play dough.

It was reported that Munoz seemingly became irate and kicked the girl, causing her to fall. When the child began to cry, police say she ordered her daughter to stop while simultaneously placing her hand over her face. It is believed that the mother was attempting to stop the girl from breathing, but instead, her actions prompted a nose bleed.

The mother then proceeded to drag her daughter by her hair until they reached the bathroom, and that is when Munoz instructed the girl to clean her self, authorities say. Afterward, she allegedly bit the child on the shoulder and told her to go outside. Not only did the child oblige, but she also ran to a neighbor’s house where 911 was called.

By the time responding officers arrived at the scene, it was purported that Munoz fled the scene in a truck. Weeks later, deputies with the San Antonio Police Department were able to arrest the suspect.

Munoz was charged with injury to a child and her bond was set at $15,000. She is also facing additional charges of “fraud and a theft of a check worth $500-$1,500.”


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