Search continues for man who witnesses say drove his vehicle into Ohio River

Ohio River

The Louisville Metro Police Department’s Dive Team, River Patrol, and the Air Unit are continuing their search for a man who witnesses say drove his vehicle into the Ohio River.

According to the WLKY, just before 4 p.m. on Thursday, a woman said she saw a man pull onto the boat ramp and sit in his car, believed to be a dodge avenger, for at least five minutes before hitting the gas and driving into the Ohio River at the Greenwood Boat Ramp.

The witness stated that she immediately alerted police and suggested that they hurry as the vehicle was quickly submerging under water. By the time emergency services arrived at the scene, the vehicle was no longer visible.

Divers worked diligently to find the vehicle to no avail. It was reported that the debris at the bottom of the Ohio River made the search difficult.

LMPD Special Operations Major Tim Burkett said:

“We had guys that were on duty, off duty, firemen that came out, they’re all very highly trained, they worked tirelessly. We’re now into the evening and for the time being, we just have to suspend our operation.”

After five hours and with night approaching, the search was suspended and resumed the following day.

The vehicle has not been located, but the search continues.

[Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons/Stihler Craig, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | Cropped and Resized | (CC BY-SA 3.0)]