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Slide explosion at Wisconsin park leaves 9-year-old boy with second-degree burns

A slide explosion at a Wisconsin park has reportedly left a 9-year-old boy with second-degree burns. NBC Chicago reports that the incident unfolded Wednesday evening when Giuseppe Storniolo was sliding down a slide at a playground in West Allis.

The boy’s mother, Diana Storniolo, said she was with her family at Reservoir Park when she suddenly heard a loud noise, initially believing that something had fallen. To her astonishment, a hole somehow formed at the bottom of a slide and exploded.

Giuseppe told reporters that he didn’t notice any holes or cracks on the slide that would indicate that there was something wrong. “I was about to get off and it just started to happen and it came up shaking,” he said. “I don’t know what happened.”

Diana says that she is confused by the slide explosion and wants to know what went terribly wrong.

Mayor Dan Devine has spoken with the slide’s manufacturer to uncover the cause of the explosion, but they are unsure what caused the slide to form a bubble and explode.

Devine said:

“It was like the slide had just almost been inflated. It just opened up, bubbled. I don’t know. It might be some kind of chemical reaction. It might be some kind of gas-plastic reaction.”

“I have never seen, and I don’t know of anybody who has seen anything like that before.”

The area has since been sectioned off and the slide was removed from Reservoir Park. City employees inspected the playground’s equipment to ensure its safety, and families are continuing to use the playground.

A criminal investigation has not been opened as authorities do not believe the slide explosion was crime related.


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